Monday, November 19, 2012

Thus & Such, Vol. 9

1. "Such thinking misunderstands evil....The 'evil' in our nation is not he result of dirty politics.  The 'evil' that we are pushing back against isn't found on the other side of the aisle.  It is found in our hearts."  Here's an interesting article that explains why we should think twice before using fear mongering as a means of communicating a message.

2. "Farewell, and God be with you till we meet again on Resurrection Morning, beseeching God that our family circle will be unbroken."  What a legacy!  Here is a letter that a dying man wrote before he died, which was discovered by his children years later.  May I live to write a letter such as this to my own children.

3. "...this is the beginning of the end for the anti-marriage equality movement.  They long ago began to lose in the courts and state legislatures.  now they have begun losing at the pools.  This battle may go on for years, but there is no longer any doubt about the outcome."  Same sex "marriage" is a forgone conclusion in our country.  The question is not "if," but rather "when."  Read this article to learn more.  

4. "How do you discern - of the hundreds of things you could do today that would bless people - what to do?  You stay with the Lord every morning; you go deep with him in his word; you pray like crazy for guidance; and then you do your best."  There's always more to do.  How do you know what to say yes to and what to say no to?  John Piper talks about that in this video.  Although his comments are directed toward pastors, they are definitely applicable to all walks of life.

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