Monday, August 8, 2016

Agate Update

I've decided I'm going to create a new page on this site to display the agates I (we) find.  The agate posts are becoming numerous and they take up a lot of space.  So look up at the menu bar at the top of this page to see the continuing agate adventures of my family.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Honey Hole

My last agate post talked about a new spot that the Mrs. and I discovered.  We've been back several times since, and it has paid off!  Here are just a few samplings of what probably amounts to a few pounds of agates that we have found there.  The biggest we have found is a little over 2 ounces.

This one is one of the biggest we have found in the new spot.  It's one of the biggest I've ever found (in my top 5).  There's a lot of quartz in it, but still some good banding.  I shouted when I found it, sticking out o the dirt.

I don't remember this one - I may not have found it.  But it's got a cool spread between agate and quartz between the exterior and interior.

This one is actually not from our new spot - it's from a gravel road in Brainerd, MN.  The Mrs. found it when we were up there camping a couple weeks ago.  Believe it or not, agates like this are common on gravel roads up there.  In fact, the best agate I've ever found in my life was found on a gravel road in Brainerd.

Another one from the new spot.  Nice banding and an interesting color.

This one has great lines.  I'm not sure if this is technically a paint or an eye agate.  My guess is paint, as I think eye agates are mostly ones that have perfect circles banded in them. Either way, it's cool.

This one is not very impressive on its face, but it is remarkable because this is a true eye.  You can seen the circle in the orange part just to the right of center.  See it?

I like the bright red color of this one.  Such bright reds aren't that common.

Look at that!  From the new spot.  Small, but really neat.

The Mrs. found this gem.  It was the highlight of her day last weekend.

Another small guy, but great banding.

I went to this new spot a total of four times this week, and came home with great agates each time.  Tonight's hunt yielded this guy.  You can't tell from the picture, but it's a very thin shaving off an agate.  It has the shape of an axe blade.

This is the first "good one" I found on today's hunt.  It's kind of big, but has a lot of quartz.

This is the winner for size in today's hunt, and may be the biggest one I've found from this new spot.  I haven't weighed it yet, so the jury's still out, but I think it will eclipse the others that I've found.  At first glance, it may seem to be chert, but take my word for it: it's agate.  The other side makes that very clear.  There isn't any good banding on this one - the quality of the stone is its size.

This one looks great in person but isn't very good when photographed. Another big one from today's hunt.