I love music.  I play several instruments, led worship at my church for several years, and even dabble in songwriting from time to time.  I also sang in a now-defunct blues/rock band called The Lester Schroeder Band.  The picture you see is us in the semi-final round of the Minnesota State Fair Amateur Talent Competition.  We lost to Del Boogie the beatboxer.  Yep, you read that correctly.  Anyway you can still hear samples of some of our stuff on our very old Facebook page.

Not too long ago I was playing with a group of people from my church, and we were playing worship music around a certain theme, and then incorporating those songs into a program.  You can learn all about Awake My Glory (our band) and what we did here.

Finally, a couple years ago I began to put my interests in songwriting and the Bible together and wrote several dozen songs with Bible verses as the lyrics.  The songs correspond with memory verses from our children's Sunday School classes at Riverview: "The ABC's of God" and "Faithful to All His Promises."  You can listen to and download more than 75 of these songs for free here and here.

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