Monday, November 12, 2012

5 Year Olds, and the Doctrine of the Trinity

Ever had one of those questions from your kids that you have no idea how to answer in a way that they will understand?  I had one of those tonight.

Jamie said that no one could do the things that God could do.  I affirmed this notion, and said that neither he nor I could do things like God does.  Then I said to him, "Only one person can do the things God can do.  Do you know who that is?"

"Who?" he answered.

"God!"  I said.  "Only God can do the great things that God does."

"Oh.  What about Jesus?"

"Well, Jesus is God, so Jesus can do those great things too.  Remember, Jesus is God's Son, so Jesus is also God," I explained.

"Oh," Ferg replied.  "So there are two Gods?"

Uh oh.

"Well, no, Jesus and God are the same.  They are two distinct persons, yet the same one God."

"Oh," Jamie answered, feigning complete comprehension.

How do you explain to a five year old that God is three distinct persons, yet one God?  When you figure it out, let me know and I'll have the "trinity talk" with my five year old.

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