Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thus & Such Vol. 7

1. Post Election 2012 Debriefing.  By Dan Philips.  Good and encouraging thoughts for those struggling with the results of the election.

2. "The tragedy of the 2012 election is that in this land of the free and home of the brave, many people were not allowed to vote.  Their voices were silenced.  Their votes were not cast.  Their opinions not expressed.  Why?  Because they were dead."  Here is an interesting reflection on one of the effects of abortion on this country for the past 30+ years.

3. "A church operates more like a family than a store.  If we miss this, then we will always have dissatisfaction towards those who are trying to love and help us."  Are you a Christian Consumer?  Find out here.

4. "This a good day to reflect upon what God has done for you, as the price he paid for your freedom also didn't come cheaply."  Here's a thoughtful reflection for Veteran's Day.

5. Our small group Bible study this past week talked a bit about issues surrounding disabilities in children and adults, and particularly in a church setting.  One of the questions we talked briefly about was whether or not people with severe cognitive disabilities have the capacity for understanding the gospel, and if not, what happens to them at death?  Will God hold them accountable for the deeds done in the body, even if they don't even have a grasp of their own existence?  This question is not unlike the question as to whether or not infants go to heaven at death.  Thankfully, there are some very helpful articles out there that I sent along to our group members.  I thought I'd post them here as well: the first article is Albert Mohler's biblical explanation as to why he believes that all aborted babies are, in fact, among the elect.  The second article is an explanation of Old Testament verses that suggest that children who die in infancy go to be with God.  The third article is the same as the latter, except that it looks at New Testament verses on the same subject.

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