Friday, November 9, 2012

Is the Church to Blame?

NOTE: It has come to my attention that the video embedded below keeps switching to whatever video the Wretched channel has most recently posted.  This means that it's not the video I refer to in the post.  To see the video referenced in this post, go here.

The following is from Todd Friel, of Wretched Radio and TV.  The video is basically him expounding on the idea in the text below.  It should be noted that this sentiment and video could have and should have been shared regardless of who won the election.

Little Johnny just threw a rock through his neighbor’s window.  Is the broken window the problem? No, it is a result of Johnny’s actions.  What caused Johnny’s behavior? Johnny thought it would be fun to smash ol’ Mrs. Hildebrand’s window.  Where did Johnny’s thinking come from? His beliefs; instead of believing his parents, he believed that rotten friend of his who goaded Johnny to, “Throw it, throw it.”

Bad results come from bad actions which are the fruit of bad thinking which is the result of bad beliefs.  If you ever witness a bad result, you can be assured that it is merely a consequence of bad actions, thinking and ultimately, beliefs.

That is why President Obama is a problem, but he is not the problem.  THE problem in America today is the church.  Permit me to persuade you.

  • If a liberal church focusses on the environment, who are they inclined to vote for?
  • If a progressive church defines marriage as “anyone who is committed to another person,”  do you suppose they will vote red or blue?
  • If a prosperity church focusses on healing and free money from God, who do you think they will pull the lever for?
Surprise, liberal, progressive and prosperity churches voted overwhelmingly for Barak Obama. Why? They are bad churches with bad teachers delivering false teachings resulting in heretical beliefs which inspire wrong actions that deliver horrific consequences.

Might I suggest, if we want to reclaim America we had better reclaim the churches first.  

The result of strong, healthy, Biblical churches is strong healthy faith which changes rotten thinking into righteous thinking which produces holy behavior generating good consequences.  If you don’t like the results of this election, don’t blame Mitt, the Republican Party or Chris Christie.  Blame the church.

But don’t stop there.  Instead of abandoning ship, doing home church or church shopping every Sunday, dedicate yourself to a local church to: fix it, serve it, fund it, cleanse it, help it, support it or reform it if necessary.  If we focus less on Washington and more on our local churches, the nation will be better off.

Please note: we should not clean up our churches in order to have more conservative political leaders, but that will ultimately be the result of strong, healthy local churches.  Besides, Christian church activism is what Jesus commanded, not political activism.

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