Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Facebook on the Election and Voting

Lots of people voting in this election, and lots of them are posting about their experience (and trying to sway others their way) on Facebook.  Sometimes this is very good, and very encouraging - and not necessarily because these people are voting my way.  Other times people are rude jerks.  What follows is sentiment about the election and voting that I've seen today on Facebook from my friends.  These folks spoke highly, and were appreciative of, their right obligation to vote.  I don't particularly know how these people voted, but I respect the fact that they answered the call to fulfill their civic duty.  On a sidenote, a lot of these people are from my church, and I was overjoyed to see the ways in which they were analyzing the election through spiritual lenses.  Way to go, Riverview peeps!

Whoever wins, that’s my president.  I have to pray for him and wish him well.

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The truth that Jesus of Nazareth was who he claimed to be has infinitely more impact on the world tomorrow than who gets elected tonight.

I did all that I could…it’s out of my hands now.  It was always in God’s though, so it will be alright regardless.

I am reminded today that this is not my home; I am destined for a better place.  Lord, guide me to that end, and no matter what today brings, that is where my hope carries me.

Praying for MN today!

In line to vote.  Too bad it’s such a crummy morning…well worth the wait!

God be with me when I head to the polls and cast my vote.  I pray that my choices will be honorable in your sight.

I have been anxiously waiting for the opportunity to vote, and finally I voted.  I felt like I had done something important, something that connects me with my fellow Americans, something that may very well impact the future of the country itself.  I do realize that I have contributed to one of the most important political races in the world.  Whoever will serve as the president, I want to pray that only God’s purpose be fulfilled.  God bless America. (posted by an immigrant who was recently granted American citizenship)

Well, this is quite an important day for our country.  I haven’t voted yet, but will in an hour or two.  I am praying that no matter what the result I will remember, “This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.”  I hope you can join me in that thought.

I went to vote today and got butterflies in my stomach.  I am so thankful for this right, thankful to the volunteers at the polling place for doing their jobs so well, and thankful for my freedoms.  God bless America.

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