Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thus & Such, Vol. 10

1. "Something very important and very weird is happening to the book rightnow: it's shedding its papery corpus and transmigrating into a bodiless digital form, right before our eyes.  We're witnessing the bibliographical equivalent of the rapture."  How has the way we read books changed over the years?  We don't read from scrolls anymore, we read books.  But instead of books, now we're reading tablets and computer screens.  I attended a lecture once by a professor who had studied the different ways we read the Bible, both from ancient and modern times.  He said that this generation is the first in history to regularly read the words of scripture along with advertising at the same time.  Don't think it affects you?  Think again.

2. Staying on a book theme for this installment, here are four reasons why men don't read books.

3. "Great educational programs combine academic study with real-world application."  This is oneof the lines that introduces an article on conducting auditions for church worship team members.  I've always said that one of the least important things about playing with a worship team is knowing how to play an instrument.  There is so much that is vitally more important.

4. What's the dirtiest place in your house?  Don't blame the toilet seat.  Think kitchen.  Read here and be grossed out.

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