Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Thus & Such, Vol. 22 (Gay Marriage Edition)

For this volume of Thus & Such, I'd like to dedicate some space to what I consider to be some really good evangelical thinking coming from some very smart people as a result the gay marriage debate.  Take a look and learn:

1. The first article is one that I've posted and referenced several times on this blog, by Voddie Baucham.  Voddie provides what seems to me to be an air-tight logical case against same sex marriage being a civil rights issue.  In my opinion, this is the most important piece of writing out there on this topic.

2. You've no doubt heard responses from those supporting gay marriage to biblical objections to the same: "Well, Leviticus such and such says you're supposed to stone your children if they talk back.  Why don't you do that?"  It's frustrating, because people obviously don't know how to read and understand the Bible, and yet they use it as if they do.  As I've talked about before, those Old Testament references can tell us how God feels about homosexuality, but those aren't necessarily directives for us today.  Still, we should know how to handle scripture, and how to handle people when they tell us we can't use the Bible in this debate.  Here's Tim Keller's take on how to do that.

3. I have long bemoaned what seems to me to be an inability to think critically, reasonably, and logically among the people of our country when it comes to this debate.  Kevin DeYoung talks about the same issue, and gives several reasons why gay marriage arguments are so persuasive.  When you boil it down, it appears that people have lost their ability to think, and instead rely upon knee-jerk emotionalism when making judgments on this issue.

4. What does it say about our faith if we affirm same sex marriage?  This guy thinks it's akin to idolatry.  I think he's right.

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