Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Bible in 50 Words

Came across this creative video today.  Yeah, there are obviously a lot of things missing, and I don't think "Pharaoh plagued," is a very accurate description of what happened (I would have said "God plagued"), but it's still pretty cool.  Transcript below.

God made.
Adam bit.
Noah arked.
Abraham split.
Jacob fooled.
Joseph ruled.
Bush talked.
Moses balked.
Pharaoh plagued.
People walked.
Sea divided.
Tablets guided.
Promise landed.
Saul freaked.
David peeked.
Prophets warned.
Jesus born.
God walked.
Love talked.
Anger crucified.
Hope died.
Love rose.
Spirit flamed.
Word spread.
God remained.

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