Monday, October 29, 2012

Thus & Such, Vol. 4

1. "We see idolatry here - man's desperate attempt to find meaning in someone or something outside of God.  We bear his image, but long for something more.  We  are all on a desperate search for meaning and purpose and, ultimately, joy."  This is an interesting article from Tim Challies about how our pursuit of the latest technology can quickly turn into idolatry.  A timely article for someone, like myself, who recently purchased an iPhone.

2. "Having been on the ESV and now on the NIV translation committee, I have met some amazing translators, men and women who love the Lord and his word.  But without diminishing my friends in any way, I have to tell you about the most amazing translator I have ever met."  Bill Mounce tells a story about a Bible translator with no academic accolades, no clout in the academic community, and no recognition for his skill and work, but is one who is doing some of the most important translation work in the world, reaching an extremely unreached people group with the word of God.  Mounce is himself a translator, and his text, "Basics of Biblical Greek" has become the standard in Christian universities and seminaries throughout the country.  His reflection on this particular translator is inspiring.

3. Ever seen those amazing 3D chalk drawings on the street?  Here's a guy who does something similar, except on paper.  These are worth a look.  

4. In a day and age where political campaigns are cut throat, bitter, and full of attacks, this gallery is a welcome bit of comic relief.  Catch the candidates at their weird moments and have a giggle.

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