Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thus & Such Vol. 2

1. Christian ministry is very "blue collar."  "There are very few frills.  Rare accolades.  Low hype.  It's jolly hard work that doesn't grab headlines or come off as fascinating to the masses."  This article is a good reminder for all those involved in either lay or vocational ministry: ministry is a very unsexy thing to do.  It's not a good way to receive recognition.  This reality should inform the way we approach ministry and gather our motivation for ministry.

2. Credit those stylish cargo pants or shorts to the military.  That, and 8 other things were invented by the military and are now used regularly in civilian life.  Here's the list.

3. "Pastoral and theological giants of the past went to pain-staking lengths to pen doctrinally rich, gospel-centered songs with the intention of shaping the people under their care."  Why should the church continue to sing old songs and hymns?  Quite simply, because songs teach.  And you probably learn more from songs than you do from any sermon.  Check it out.

4. "It should be no surprise, then, that it's in the seminary where our Enemy is seeking someone to devour, accuse, and deceive."  This is from an article I linked to from the Desiring God blog that provides a plethora of resources for those either currently engaged in, or about to engage in, the seminary journey.  I wish I had these resources before I started seminary.  From what I have read from these articles, and from my own seminary experience, the concerns expressed by the authors (and their subsequent suggestions) are right on.

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