Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thus & Such Vol. 3

1. " him, this is about using his platform to help in a political sense and defining himself outside the confines of the football field."  The NFL has pretty much lost me as a fan.  The bounty scandal of last year, the increasing immaturity of the players, and now Chris Kluwe and his vitriolic, vulgar, and disgusting hatred toward those who defend the tradition definition of marriage have left my interest in professional football just about empty.  Kluwe says he's using his platform to stand up for what he believes.  He's also pushing me away as a customer.  But I suppose he'd probably just say I'm a *$&%ing %@&# *%^#&.

2. "That's what happens when a tragedy like that happens.  It gets you back to putting your priorities where they are supposed to be."  From the waste of a brain that is Chris Kluwe, we move on to Josh Willingham, Twins left fielder.  Read his story of tragedy in his life, and how it enriched his faith.  I'm glad this guy plays for the local lads, for several reasons, and now I can add another one.

3. Say what you want about Todd Friel, but you at least have to admit the guy knows his stuff, and has the guts to put his reputation on the line to preach the gospel for the sake of the lost.  It's worth your time to watch this video, and this one, and this one, and this one, and this one, from one of Friel's times of open air preaching at the University of Georgia, Athens.  It's a good way to learn how average people think, how to answer common questions and objections, and how to talk to people about the gospel.

4. "I'm sorry I puked on you.  Happy birthday."  Here's a good meme that I'd like to see more of: dog shaming.  Check it out.

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