Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Should Christians Use Medicine?

Over the past few years I've become increasingly convicted that we as a society too quickly look for a quick fix when we undergo physical difficulties.  For example, there's a medicine or surgery that will prevent or fix just about anything out there, and it seems that people are ready and willing to receive everything a doctor says as gospel truth.  But are we missing something when we run to medical science to cure or treat something?

I've been convicted in that, while I don't believe medicine and medical science are inherently bad things, they can be used unwisely and even sinfully.  Our society - Christians included - seem to have forgotten that God is sovereign over illness and suffering.  So rather than attempt to discern God's purposes in an ailment, disability, or time of affliction, we instead just run to the cure as fast as possible.  We hurt, and our sole focus is to alleviate our suffering.  While we may feel better physically by taking medication or receiving treatment, relieving our suffering so easily and adequately may not be what's best for us spiritually.

This morning I saw this video posted on the Desiring God blog.  It's just a short treatment of some of the ramification of being dependent on medicine.  There is certainly quite a bit more that could be said on the topic, but this is an interesting place to start for those who have never considered the ramifications of living in a society that has prescription drugs on demand.  The video focuses on the topic of treating depression through drugs, but the principle is applicable to all ailments (for example, Ed Welch rightly says that depression, as well as cancer - and I would add any ailment - are spiritual issues).  Take a look.

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