Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I seem to be on "Christians threatened with violence for their intolerant religious views about homosexuality" theme today, so I might as well go with it.  My post from earlier today talked about the irony of asserting that pro-traditional marriage views are "stone-age" ways of thinking while reacting to said views with threats or jokes about violence.  Apparently violence against those with whom we disagree is, in fact, not a stone-age way of dealing with people, but is instead sophisticated and modern.

Moreover, I talked just briefly about the hypocrisy of people who will allow (and even endorse) threats of violence against those with whom they disagree, but will cry foul as soon as any a criticism of their point of view is expressed by the opposing side.  I've also said on this blog that public ridicule and even danger is on the way for Christians who dare to voice their religious convictions in the public square.  We're already being classified as a hate group, and pretty soon it will be allowable for our freedoms to be diminished and for our religious privileges to be revoked.

It's going to happen sooner than we think.

This afternoon, as I was doing a random perusal of the internet, I happened upon the Wretched Radio website, and saw the picture to the left.  It was reportedly snapped by someone at the 2012 Minnesota State Fair.  The guy's hair is in the way a little bit, but you can clearly fill in the blanks and read this message: "Exterminate Christians one bullet at a time" (click to enlarge).  A few thoughts here:

1. How does this guy get away with wearing this shirt?  That's a threat!  Couldn't his shirt be considered "fighting words?"

2. Take out the word "Christians" and insert something like "Muslims" or "Homosexuals."  I can guarantee the guy would be arrested, or at least told to remove the shirt and have it confiscated by the police.

3. I have no way of knowing how seriously the guy wearing the shirt believes the sentiment he's broadcasting on his back.  Maybe he thinks it's a joke.  If he does, it's not funny.  See above, and then tell me how funny a Muslim or homosexual would think it is.  I have no reason to believe that he thinks it's a joke.  For all intents and purposes, he truly believes that Christians should be "exterminated."

4. It would be foolish to think that the shirt and the "VOTE NO" fan stuffed into his pants aren't related.  He's got the fan there as an advertisement, not as a convenient place to hold a fan.  He knows what's on his shirt, and he knows that anyone who reads the fan will also read the shirt.  He's trying to connect the two messages.  Mission accomplished.

5. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: our society has moved away from intellectual discourse and is moving toward threats and violence as means of resolving differences.  This should concern Christians and any other religious group that adheres to some form of dogma.

6. Christians need to be thinking about how to respond to guys like this, and groups of people who believe this but don't necessarily wear their opinions on their sleeve.  More and more people will find religious (primarily Christian) beliefs to be intolerant and worthy of violent retribution.  Christian, how now shall we live?  How do we respond to people who want to hurt us (physically, emotionally, politically, etc.)?  This is something we need to be thinking about, because the time when Christians will be forced to decide between quality of life and defending their religious convictions is fast-approaching more so now than ever before.


Anonymous said...

Lol this is amusing to me.

He wore the shirt to get people worked up and look... it did. Thousands of people went ape over it. Do your research, it's a band shirt. He didn't make it himself. He also doesn't believe in what the shirt says. He accepts everyone no matter their religion.

How do I know this? I am his wife and was walking next to him when Andy Parish, the one who took this photo, followed us for 20 minutes trying to get a good shot.

Also, he put the fan there because he didn't want to carry it anymore and I had my hands full at the moment. It didn't even cross his mind that the two together would look worse than the shirt itself.

Throughout the fair we had many people shake his hand and tell him they liked his shirt. So, not everyone is an overly sensitive girl about it.

And for all the so called "good christians" I see posting all over the net on this picture threatening to kill him.. you are all hypocrites.

Joel said...

Anonymous -

Thanks for the comment. A few responses for you:

1. You say your husband wore the shirt to get people worked up and it did. You're right. I may be a bit off base here, but I, for one, don't find jokes about killing members of a particular religion amusing. As I said in the post, I don't think your husband could "get away" with calling for the deaths of any other people group. Why is it OK to make jokes about killing Christians but not homosexuals or Muslims? Seriously, why? You say that he doesn't believe the message of the shirt. Then why wear it? Why broadcast that to everyone he came into contact with on that day? Even if he doesn't believe it, anyone who saw him wearing the shirt thinks he believes it. It would be foolish of me to wear a shirt that says, "Exterminate Muslims one bullet at a time" if I didn't believe the message. Then I'd have to go around explaining myself to everyone who saw it. And I certainly wouldn't want people to think that I believed that sentiment. So why wear a shirt with such an inflammatory statement?

2. You're right in that I didn't "do my research" when I wrote this post, and for that I am in the wrong. I guess I jerked my knee a bit. I apologize. I made an assumption that the sentiment on the shirt and the fan were related, and I shouldn't have done that. Then again, what else am I supposed to think from this picture?

3. You imply that my reaction to this picture is that of "an overly sensitive girl." How should I react when someone threatens people of my faith with death? I seriously would like to know your thoughts on this.

4. I have not threatened to kill your husband, nor did I insinuate that that would be a proper response in this post. And anybody who does threaten to kill him either is not a Christian, or needs to repent.

5. And what band is the shirt for? I can't find it anywhere on the internet.