Sunday, December 30, 2012

Thus & Such, Vol. 15

In honor of the New Year's holiday, I decided to compile a short list of New Year's related articles and tidbits.

1. "Another year is passing away.  Thank God.  Not only for the massive amounts of unquantifiable grace we have received from him, but also because we are one year closer to the passing away of this partial age and all of its incumbent sorrow and weariness."  Take a look at what we can expect "when the perfect comes."

2. There are plenty of lists this time of year that detail numbers from the previous year.  Here's one that is less than typical, which is probably what makes it interesting.

3. "As this year ends, the question I am asking is: Where was God when so many good things happened this past year?"  This is one of the most fascinating articles I read during 2012, and it was only published a few days ago.  Most people ask, "Where is God when bad things happen?"  This article asks, "Where is God when good things happen?"  After all, we certainly don't deserve good things, so why does he allow them?  It's a very profitable thing to think through.

4. " we anticipate the coming of 2013 I want to write an open letter of sorts that focuses on the most important realities in the world.  And the addressee of my open letter is you."  Read this.

5. The Gospel Coalition recently published a list of their most widely read articles of 2012.  The number one article is the best treatment on homosexuality that I've ever read (and posted to several times on this site).  Check out the list.  Lots of good reading here.

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