Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thus & Such, Vol. 14

This installment of "Thus & Such" will have to do with the recent grade-school shooting in Connecticut.  I would encourage all people, Christian or otherwise, to shut off the news, open a Bible, and take a theological look at this situation, and all evil that happens in the world.  God is speaking through this occurrence, and we need to know what he is saying.  To help in that process, I submit the following articles.  I could try to write something of my own, but these folks - much smarter than I - have already penned some thoughts that are worth our consideration as we try to see God in this and all events in life.

1. How Does Jesus Come to Newtown?  "Mass murder is why Jesus came into the world the way he did."  

2. A Lesson for All from Newtown "Murdering a human being is an assault on God.  He made us in his own image.  Destroying an image usually means you hate the imaged.  Murdering God's human image-bearer is not just murder.  It's treason - treason against the Creator of the world."

3. How do We Respond?  "We shouldn't turn our heads from this atrocity, but square up our shoulders and look right at it with eyes wide open.  God's children are called to weep with those who weep and mourn with those who mourn, and we do both with great hope in the promises of God.  It's tempting to want to avoid the horror of such an event, but I believe our Father wants us to see a glimpse of what he sees and feel - for a moment - what he feels.  He knows something about the loss of a child."

4. Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting "...we long for something to make sense, some order or rule or regulation that could prevent such tragedy.  And we would take that remedy to our hearts in an instant.  Oh, if only... We would cling to its promise of keeping children safe, especially children, innocent children now lost 12 days before Christmas.  Oh, if only there was something.  And we would still be left with the horrible truth that we cannot wish or govern away."  (Note: this is not a particularly Christian article, nor is its author a Christian, but the article makes a great point: there is no government regulation for human depravity.  There have already been many calls by those in political and social realms for reforms, laws, restrictions, etc. in order to prevent something like this in the future.  This is an impossibility.  No matter what happens, people will always be evil.  I believe this is an important thing to keep in view when considering events like this.)

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