Monday, January 31, 2011

Genesis 39 Passage Map

I thought this was kind of interesting. For my hermeneutics class, my professor wants us to "map" passages that we exegete. The process basically consists of breaking a text into "scenes" (figuring out where new ideas / actions / dialogues start and stop) and then chart how the "tension" builds and is resolved in the text. Here's my map for Genesis 39, from the Joseph narrative. The numbers represent the verses that make up each scene. The purpose of an exercise like this is to be able to see the smaller parts that make up a whole and to be able to identify any themes or main ideas that might exist within the passage.

Scene 1: Background Information – 1.
Scene 2: The Lord Favors Joseph – 2-6.
Scene 3: Joseph is Pursued by Potiphar’s Wife – 6-7.
Scene 4: Joseph Refuses to Sin Against God – 8-9.
Scene 5: Joseph is Continuously Pursued by Potiphar’s Wife – 10.
Scene 6: Joseph Flees from Potiphar’s Wife – 11-12.
Scene 7: Joseph is Falsely Accused – 13-18.
Scene 8: Joseph is Imprisoned – 19-20.
Scene 9: The Lord Favors Joseph in Prison – 21-23.

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