Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thus & Such, Vol. 26

1. Will God interfere with our free will?  Yep.  Here's how I know.

2. Here's a very good and very important piece that talks about why the church must continue to speak out in the same-sex marriage conversation, and must continue to call the world (and the church) to account.

3. Speaking of same-sex marriage, during the debate that took place in this state throughout the last election cycle, I and many others were accused of using a slippery slope argument by asserting that if gay marriage were allowed, polygamy wouldn't be far behind.  Turns out our fears were, and are, justified.  The only question is, what will it be after polygamy?

4. As a Sunday School teacher and worship leader I can attest to the sometimes frustrating reality that people show up late for church.  It's interesting: I bet they don't show up late for work or school, but apparently showing up late for church is no big deal.  Anyway, off my soapbox, here are some good reasons why it's important to be on time for church.  I'd like to add one to them quickly, regarding the effects of timeliness on children: children learn from their parents what is important.  They know it's important to be prompt for things like school and work.  I wonder what kind of impression they get from their parents when the family routinely shows up late for church? (oops, got back on my soapbox there, sorry)

5. R.A. Dickey spent a year with the Twins a few years ago, but was promptly traded to the Mets.  Since then, he's torn up the league.  He's also a Christian guy with a great testimony.  Here's a piece that CBS news did on him.  Good stuff.

6. This planet is populated by seven billion people.  Seven billion.  That's a lot.  Ever wondered what that number looks like?  Now you can see it.

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