Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sanctity of Life Sunday (Thus & Such, Vol. 17)

Today was/is Sanctity of Life Sunday.  I always want to do something on this Sunday during our church services, but I can never seem to get the information beforehand to be able to remember to do something.  Then when I get home from church, my Facebook feed is full of news regarding Sanctity of Life Sunday.  So since we didn't recognize it in church this morning, the least I can do is hopefully direct some people to some beneficial articles regarding abortion, comprising somewhat of a Sanctity of Life version of a "Thus & Such" post.  Here they are:

1. 15 Things to Consider About Abortion.  John Piper lays out fifteen reasons why abortion is never an option that satisfies logic, let alone justice.

2. When Does Human Life Begin?  Asked and answered, from both science and scripture.

3. Randy Alcorn on Abortion.  Hear the authors thoughts on abortion, family planning, and contraception.

4. Redeeming Abortion.  Hear a testimony about someone whose mother considered aborting him.

5. Abortion and Reconciliation.  Read how God forgives the sin of abortion, and makes all things new through the power of the gospel.

6. Hollow Agreement.  Being pro-life means more than just saying it.  Here are some practical suggestions for getting engaged.

7. Questions for Abortion Advocates.  Here are a list of 10 questions that anyone advocating for abortion seriously needs to consider.  If the answers to these questions disturb you, you need to rethink your position on abortion.

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