Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Version of an "A la Carte"

With a nod to Tim Challies, I present my own version of an A la Carte, although it won't be daily as it is on Tim's site.  I have no idea how he gets all of the content for his site.  It seems like it could be a full time job to maintain it.  It's the only blog site I read every day.  I recommend you do too.

Anyway, what follows is four articles that I've read recently that I either thought were quite good or made me think (two of which I came across on Challies' site).  I had originally saved the articles as ones that I'd like to refer to, think through, and blog about in the future, but after some of them have been sitting in my inbox for a couple weeks now, it's time to admit I don't have time to do that and just post them for anyone who might be interested.  So here goes.

Should Christians Refuse to Pay Taxes When They Are Used to Finance Abortions?  This is the question asked by R.C. Sproul Jr., and his answer is "yes."  Put simply it's a matter of obedience to scripture (which commands us to pay taxes and obey the authority of the government).  Coming from a Reformed point of view, I would add that we do so in full confidence that all things are governed by God, and even the government does nothing without his allowance or say so.  Check out the article.

It's Not a Job When it's Ministry.  So says the author of this article.  I'm not sure what I think about this one, but at least it's got me thinking.  I do think it's inaccurate to elevate ministry vocations over secular or non-ministry vocations (and for the record, I'm not sure this article does that).  I guess I would say that all jobs are ministry jobs, whether they're in a church or not.  Take a look at it and see what you think.

Why Disabilities?  This author examines disabilities and talks about them in light of sin and God's good design.  Most people, including Christians, fail to understand mental and physical disabilities in light of God's sovereignty.  This is a good place to start thinking about it.

A Biblical Theology of Motherhood.  This is easily the longest and most technical of any of the articles, but it is no less very thought provoking.  Ever though about the role of mothers in the meta narrative (big picture) of of scripture?  Me neither.  I have now, and I'll continue to ponder it in the coming days.

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