Thursday, July 5, 2012

Florida Trip: Day 3

Today marks our third day in the great state of Florida, and the second day of the Triennial Conference.  Lots of interesting stuff happened today.  Allow me to share a few things.

The day started out with the second session of the Triennial Conference, where Francis Chan once again brought the message.  You can read more about that here.  After his message there were some breakout sessions, and the one I attended was less than good.  Not that there was anything wrong with the topic or the speaker, though.  This has been the case at almost all the conferences I've attended.  The breakout sessions tend to be a little weak.  Usually the topic is something that is way more than one could ever address in the hour or hour and a half that is allotted.  It's just not possible.  Then the speaker spends 20 minutes giving his biographical information, and there's just not enough time to cover what needs to be covered.  You tend to leave a breakout session feeling like you've just scratched the scratch that's on the surface of the topic.  Today's breakout session was no different.

There was an NAB business meeting scheduled for 1:30 today, which I fully intended on attending.  This was not to be, however, as The Mrs. had to take The Hanburger in to urgent care.  On Monday night before we left, we noticed that Han had a loud, painful sounding, seal-like barking cough. She's had this kind of cough two other times in her life, and both instances were confirmed cases of croup.  But since she is a year older, and the cough wasn't that bad, we decided to just go with it.  She seemed fine Tuesday morning and on into Wednesday, still with a cough, however.  Today it got worse, though, and her breathing was starting to be affected.  Short, shallow, wheezy breaths.  So after a bit of looking online and a call back to our insurance provider in Minnesota, we brought her into a local Orlando clinic.  They confirmed an ear infection in her, and the possibility of either croup or pneumonia.  Either way, we caught it early so that it wasn't severe, and a good dose of antibiotics should clear it up, post haste.

Anyway, while The Mrs. and Han were figuring this out, Ferg and I stayed back at the hotel.  Since I couldn't bring him to the two and a half hour long business meeting with me, we decided to hit the pool (bummer!).  Check out the swimming picks here.  So after an afternoon of swimming, and five hours after they left, Han and The Mrs. returned to the hotel with a whole bunch of medicine and groceries (hotel food is crazy expensive!).  Soon after they returned I had to go to the next general session.  You can read more about that session here.

Also included in tonight's session was a brief performance by Mandy Harvey.  My mind was blown by this young lady and her incredible story.  I strongly encourage you to watch this video of Mandy's story, and then prepare to have your own mind blown when you listen to her sing.  She's having a concert tomorrow night that I will not miss.

Tomorrow brings a "free day" where conference attendees can do whatever they like.  This means, much to my chagrin, that we will be going to Disney World.  Why does the notion of my family going to Disney World not excite me?  That's another post for another time.

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