Saturday, June 30, 2012

Post 301

UPDATE: Since I wrote this post I have realized that the total number of posts reported by the Blogger Dashboard includes unpublished drafts.  This means that I technically only have 286 published posts, but 302 (now) posts including the unpublished drafts.  Oh well.  I'll guess I'll have to do another "300th Post" post at some time in the future.

Looking at my Blogger Dashboard reveals that the post just below this one was the 300th post on this blog.  Huh.  That's a lot.

When I finished my master's degree, I went back and counted up all the words of all the papers I wrote and assignments I completed in order to get a Master's of Divinity.  I don't remember the exact word count from all of those writings, but I do recall that the total was over 290,000 words for all of my graduate level writing.  A quick Google search revealed that the word count of the average novel these days is about 70,000 words.  That means that in seminary I wrote the equivalent of 4 novels (in number of words, not quality or style of writing, that is).  That's a lot too.  I wonder how many "novels worth" of words I've written on this blog so far?

I really enjoy blogging, even if it might seem from looking at the sidebar to the right that I don't, considering that there are several months in between posts sometimes.  I see it is a kind of journaling through my life and thoughts, and hopefully someone besides myself will profit from it.  I've thought in the past that this process is worthwhile if, for no other reason, than that my kids could some day come back and read all of the stuff I've written and learn a bit more about their dad during their pre-existent or early existence years.  My own dad wrote a bit once about his experience with polio as a child.  I read it a few years ago and found it fascinating.

Lord willing, there will be another 300, or 301 posts to come.

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