Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sick Again

A few weeks ago I had some not-so-pleasant experiences. I was probably the sickest I remember being in my life. I think it was the flu, but I guess I'm not sure since I never went in to see the doc. Well, last night, my throat began to hurt during Greek class. By the time I got home it was killing me, and I was flying high with a significant fever.

This morning I was feeling terrible - more fever, really sore throat, and my head was killing me. My fever was up to 102. I finally relented and went to see the doc tonight. Considering I'm preaching this Sunday, I thought it was best. It turns out I've got strep throat.

I feel just aweful. My head's still killing me, I'm still flying high, and my throat still hurts. I've got some amoxicillin in me, and hopefully things will look better tomorrow.

This has certainly been a winter to remember.

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