Friday, March 25, 2011

An Animal-Gender-Inclusive Bible

You can file this under the category, "If You Don't Laugh, You'll Cry." Turns out the PETA folks have noticed the new gender inclusive rendering of the NIV Bible, and have encouraged the translators to refer to animals in the Bible as either "he" or "she" instead of "it." No, this is not a joke.

What is a joke (even though this is totally true) is that this suggestion is actually spurring some conversation amongst some folks. Get serious people.

What I find to be a bit confusing is why PETA people would even bring up this issue in the first place. Certainly the Bible does not see animals in the same light as the PETA folks. Animal sacrifice, anyone? How do the PETA people justify that in their reading of scripture. It seems to me that anyone who subscribes to PETA's philosophy would deplore the way animals are treated in the Bible. Then why bother with the personal pronouns?

Phil Johnson tweeted that he predicts that Zondervan would have an animal gender inclusive Bible published within the next five years. Considering all the crazy Bibles that have been published recently, I can't say I would be surprised if he's proven right (unfortunately).

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