Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Let's Build A Jump."

One of the most funnest things we do at our house is "build a jump." A jump is a big pile of pillows and soft blankets, stacked up in front of some sort of apparatus from which one can leap into the pile of pillows. The tradition of "building a jump" started at my mom's house. She's been watching our kids, and from somewhere she got the idea to stack up pillows and have the kids jump on them. They love doing it, and now they constantly beg us to build a jump. The last few times we built a jump at our house we've had the camera out.

We push the automan up against the wall and Ferg jumps off that
onto the pillows.

Apparently jumping is hard work. After a few goes, Ferg tells me he's
sweaty and the shirt comes off.

Han's approach to the jump is a bit different. She's too small to
jump off the automan, so she just runs across the room and faceplants
into the pillows. As she runs she says "Ready, set, go!" It's super cute.

Apparently Mom is immune to the excitement a jump brings, as evidenced
by her checking her email during the craziness.

Ferg shouts "Cabin Ball!" every time he jumps. I think he means
"Cannon Ball," but it's close enough.

Han eventually got up the nerve to let her brother drag her off the
automan onto the pillows. She still doesn't quite have the concept
(or ability) of jumping down.