Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One Trillion Dollars

I saw a movie a few years ago called Brewster's Millions. It's about a guy who stands to inherit 300 million dollars, except in order to receive the 300 mil he has to first spend 30 million dollars in 30 days. He finds it to be almost impossible, because he literally can't find enough things to buy for that amount of money.

President Obama is going to sign his stimulus package bill today which, when all is said and done, will likely total over one trillion dollars. Think about that number for a minute: one trillion. Do you realize how much that is? Brewster had a hard time spending 30 million dollars - can you imagine spending a trillion?

I came across this website that's totaling up all the money spent on the Iraq war so far. The website says that over a trillion dollars has been spent on the Iraq war in the last several years. They ask the question: "What could we do with 1 trillion dollars?" and they have a calculator there to help you find out. So then, according to this calculator, here's what I could do with a trillion dollars, I could:

Buy 100 Porsche 911 Turbos ($126,200 each)

Buy 100 Saleen S7's ($395,000 each)

Buy 100 Benley Azure Convertibles ($376,485 each)

Buy the New York Yankees ($1,200,000,000)

Buy the New York Mets ($482,000,000)

Buy every NFL franchise ($8,600,000,000)

Buy an estate on Honolulu ($7,999,000)

Buy Dracula's Castle ($140,000,000)

Buy 100 Beverly Hills Mansions ($165,000,000 each)

Buy 10 Air Force One planes ($325,595,000 each)

Buy 50 Lear Jets ($11,595,000 each)

Buy everyone on earth a 24-pack of Coke ($156,000,000,000)

Buy 100 islands in the South Pacific ($38,900,000 each)

Produce 10 Hollywood movies (150,000,000 each)

Build 10 Disney them parks ($3,500,000,000 each)

Purchase 20 McDonald's franchises ($1,000,000 each)

Buy an oil company ($16,400,000,000)

Buy 100 30 second Super Bowl ads ($2,600,000 each)

Buy 100 pairs of Harry Winston 60 carat diamond drop earrings ($8,500,00 each)

Buy 100 bottles of vintage 1787 Chateua Lefite wine ($160,000)

Feed 50,000 children from birth through age 18 ($2,160 each)

Build 25,000 homes through Habitat for Humanity ($60,000 each)

Feed 10,000 people 16 meals apiece ($1 each)

Remodel 1000 homes for disabled veterans ($10,000 each)

Adopt 2 polar bears ($100 each)

Provide cataract surgery for 1000 people in underprivleged nations ($33.00 each)

Restore coastal wetlands around New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina ($14,000,000,000)

Rebuild the levees in New Orleans to stand up to a category 5 storm ($150,000,000)

Build 3000 miles of monorails for public transportation ($150,000,000 per mile)

Build and equip 2,500 hospitals in third world countries ($41,300,000 per hospital)

Buy the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas ($770,000,000)

Buy 100 townhouses in Manhattan ($18,000,000 each)

Buy 50 paintings by Pablo Picasso ($113,400,000 each)

Buy 50 paintings by Jackson Pollack ($142,700,000 each)

Buy 5 airports ($4,822,000,000 each)

Buy 100 Maltese Falcons - the world's fastest and most expensive boat ($100,000,000 each)

Buy a 12 acre winery in Napa Valley ($34,000,000)

Buy the New Hampshire Motor Speedway ($340,000,000)

So there you have it. That's a trillion dollars. That's the same about your government is about to spend. Oh yeah, don't forget that the government doesn't HAVE a trillion dollars to spend. Kind of makes you wonder.

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