Friday, February 6, 2009

I Need To Read More Calvin

No, not Calvin & Hobbes (although they're pretty good too!) - John Calvin.

Calvin on evangelism (from the Institutes): "Because we know not who belongs to the number of the predestinated, or does not belong, our desire ought to be that all may be saved; and hence every person we meet, we will desire to be with us a partaker of peace. But our peace will rest upon the sons of peace. Wherefore, on our part, let correction be used as a harsh yet salutary medicine for all, that they may neither perish, nor destroy others. To God it will belong to make it available to those whom he has foreknown and predestineated."

In other words: be obedient, preach the gospel, and God will use your obedience to save those whom he will (the elect).

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