Saturday, July 2, 2016

Martin's Still Lost, but Taylor Came Home

A couple months ago my friend Martin was kidnapped.  Unfortunately, there has been no sign of him since the time of his disappearance.  I found a new friend yesterday, however, named Taylor.

Taylor was able to come and join our family because of the generosity of one of God's people who anonymously donated a significant chunk of money in order for me to be able to purchase a new guitar in the wake of my loss.  What a blessing!  Also, a friend kicked in an old gift card he had that was collecting dust that enabled me to get this particular guitar.

I knew I'd be getting a replacement for Martin, but I wasn't sure what it would be.  As I've said before, I have another Martin guitar, and I am very partial to the Martin brand.  They make great guitars, so my first choice was to get another Martin.  I went to ye olde guitar shoppe this weekend and tried out several that were in my price range.  I played a few Martins and a few Taylors.  Some sounded and played better than others.  Finally, I decided on a Martin that was made entirely out of mahogany, had a great tone, and had a very deep brown finish.  Then, the friend I took with me shopping told me to try the Taylor pictured above.  I had already played an almost identical guitar, but with a different finish, and decided against it.  The tone wasn't what I was looking for.  This Taylor, however, was different - it played and sounded almost exactly like what I wanted.  But there was a problem: it was a bit out of my price range.  That's when he pulled out his old gift card and insisted that I use it to purchase this guitar.  It was an incredibly kind gesture, and I'm grateful.  I told the salesman to wrap it up - I was getting that guitar.

While not a Martin, Taylor guitars are also very nice, sound great, and look great, as you can see.  I've never owned an acoustic guitar with a sunburst finish (one of my Strats has a sunburst, though), and the white binding on the edges makes it pop.  I got it home and did some more noodling on it.  I'm excited to play it more as time goes on.

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