Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thus & Such, Vol. 28

1. "The fact that Psalms [don't] include a soundtrack or notation clues us into what God values most in our worship songs."  Bob Kauflin on the use of words in worship music.

2. "Seeing my children struggle with sin makes me squirmy."  Here's a thoughtful reflection on trusting God with the salvation of children.  

3. How do you end a prayer?  With the word "amen," right?  What does that mean?  Why do we do that?  Kevin DeYoung answers the question.

4. "When the law makes no sense, and is capriciously applied in a lottery-like fashion, the underlying logic of the whole system is totalitarian."  Doug Wilson offers a poignant (as usual) reflection on the hypocrisy of charging a kidnapper who induced miscarriages in his victim with murder, while abortion is not only allowed, but celebrated.

5. Everyone has a story about "When I was a kid, my mom shoved us out the door until morning and didn't expect us back until supper time."  We usually tell anecdotes like this as we bemoan the new overprotective parenthood that has gripped parents in my generation.  Now kids have to wear helmets everywhere, have a GPS strapped to them, and can't do anything even remotely risky.  We all say we appreciate our loose upbringing, but then why don't we raise our own kids that way?  Turns out there's a website that's encouraging you to do things like drop your kids off at the park and tell them to find their own way home.  They claim that worries about danger are over-exaggerated.  Check out this whole website devoted to "Free Range Kids."

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