Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Obama Camp

Remember this movie?

It's called Jesus camp, and it enjoyed some mild publicity and exposure when it came out a couple years ago. It was made by liberals who wanted to warn us about the dangers of religion, and the way kids in this country are educated and "indoctrinated" (a word that is misunderstood - everyone is indoctrinated with something) into believing Christianity. The only problem is that the makers of this movie chose to use an extreme, charismatic minority sect of Christianity, so the video is full of crazy people speaking in tongues. I agree with the people who made the movie: those people are weird. But to imply that this small segment of Christians represents the whole is very dishonest. The movie also makes several points about how these crazy Christians are all extreme right wing activists who are raising up an army that will kill anyone or anything who stands in their path. Take this clip from the movie for example:

I think we can all agree that the people in this movie are a) at least a little weird, and b) not reading their Bible properly. Can we agree on that? Can we agree that these folks don't represent mainstream American Christianity? Good.

Now check this out. Considering the liberal persuasion voiced by the makers of Jesus Camp, I am going to make the assumption that they support Barack Obama. I wonder if they've seen these videos:

Cute, right? Actually I thought it was just as creepy as those Jesus Camp clips (especially the choir director - creepy!) Now take a look at this one to get a more militant view of the Obama "indoctrination" (hey, that's what it is, right?):

Notice any similarities between the Obama clips and the Jesus Camp clips? They look pretty similar to me: they're both full of wackos.

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