Friday, June 20, 2008

Backyard Bible Club: Days 3 and 4

Days three and four of ByBC were even better than the first two. There were more kids, and it seemed as though both the leaders and the kids were beginning to settle into their respective roles. The leaders felt more confident in what they were doing and teaching, and everything was going well.

Tomorrow sees the closing cranival and rally for ByBC. I'm excited because Riverview has somewhat of a history with church carnivals, and they've always been the same: a lot of work for little return. We've always had a terrible time getting neighborhood kids to come and participate. This time, though, we've already got the neighborhood kids coming to ByBC, so getting them to come to the carnival is just icing on the cake. Plus it's going to be an awesome carnival. We've got not one, but two inflatable games (moonwalk and bungee run) for the kids to go crazy on. Plus we've got a bunch of other cool activities they can participate in that they probably wouldn't normally get to do at VBS (boomerangs, face painting, life size maze, etc.). And more than that, all the activities the kids will do will teach them the story of Jonah and the lesson for the day: you can't run from God! He will find you, and he always gets his way - better to just obey and believe the first time! All that to say that it's going to be a fun, cool, last day of ByBC.

Thanks for your prayers, and keep praying that God would reach out and save someone.

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